How to get to Tashkent

Tashkent is the main link for air and railway service in Central Asia. The city hosts the Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport and a railway station.

Air travel

The Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport (TAS) is eight kilometres from the city centre. It’s a 20–25 minute drive (depending on the traffic) from the airport to the Forum venue.

+998 (71) 140 2888, +998 (71) 140 2801

The airport services Russian and international airlines: Aeroflot, Fly Dubai, Air Astana, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern, Kam Air, Rossia, S7, Turkish Airlines, Ural Airlines, Yakutiya, NordWind, Red Wings, Iraero, Buta Airways, Somon Air, UTair.

Tashkent is the main hub of the national Uzbekistan Airways with flights to many destinations, including Almaty, Tokyo, Bangkok, London and New York.

Airport terminals

There are two terminals with passenger service.

The Tashkent-3 Terminal is for domestic flights and the Tashkent-2 Terminal is for international flights. The distance between terminals is around seven kilometres and there are buses No. 11, No. 45, No. 47, and No. 77 shuttling between them.

Currency exchange points

There are currency exchange points in both terminals. At Tashkent-2, they are located next to the exit, at Tashkent-3 they are next to the exit and the Duty Free zone.

Waiting areas

The Tashkent-3 Terminal waiting area is in the central part of the building. There are several waiting areas on the first and second floors of Tashkent-2: there is the general waiting area and several lounges: the CIP Lounge, the VIP Lounge, the Business Lounge, and the Uzbekistan Airways Lounge).

The Business Lounge is for passengers with first class or business class tickets. You need to request service in advance at the VIP or CIP Lounges by calling the airport Help Desk at: +998 (71) 140 2801.

Online ticket reservation

+998 (78) 140 0200


When going across the customs border of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the passengers fill out a customs declaration. Declaration templates are available at all airports of the Republic. For detailed information please visit Uzbekistan Airways.

Please review the up-to-date baggage and carryon size and weight limitations before your flight. Failure to comply with these airline regulations may lead to additional expenses or other inconveniences.

For the purpose of aviation security, passengers may not transport hazardous items or materials either in their baggage or on their persons.


Tashkent is a hub of railway transportation in Central Asia. The railway network includes both regional destinations (Bukhara, Samarkand, Termez) and international ones (Almaty, Dushanbe, Bishkek).

Tashkent Central Railway Station

Online ticket reservation

Oʻzbekiston Temir Yoʻllari Single Information and Service Centre

+998 (71) 237 9998